Corporate Parties

Corporate Music Parties

Bach to Rock offers an event venue for corporate and adult social markets called “Bach on the Rocks”. Our vision is to be the event of choice for grown up entertainment. We are different, fun and creative – a truly unique experience!

What: A two hour party where the guests become Rock Stars. We divide the group into bands of 4 to 7 members and teach everybody to sing or play a song of your choosing on keyboard, guitar, bass, drums or other rhythm instruments. The bands then perform their set in front of the audience in our performance hall. We offer additional options to capture these moments forever, including a recording of each band (where everyone leaves with a CD of their band, recorded and engineered in our state-of-the-art studio). Party times can be extended by request for an additional fee.

How: During the first hour we provide the partygoers with instruments and teach them to play and sing their song. During the second hour they gather in the performance hall and play their set for the audience. recording studio and cut a CD of their song under the direction of a music director and audio technician. Throughout you will socialize, eat, drink and be merry.

With: B2R provides a Party Director, Audio Technician/Music Specialist(s), all instruments (partygoers may also bring their own instruments), performance hall, party room for food and refreshments and a special B2R Party Pack for all the guests. If purchased, B2R also provides a CD of the partygoers' performance for each guest.

Your Two Hour Event Includes

  • 1 hour of band coaching with B2R music specialists
  • 1 hour performance for colleagues
  • Refreshments and socializing in the performance room. All food and drink supplied by you
  • Optional recording session with a B2R sound engineer to create a CD for each guest to take home

Sample Song List

  • Come Together –The Beatles
  • Back in Black - AC/DC
  • Livin' On A Prayer - Bon Jovi
  • ABC - Jackson 5
  • When You Were Young - The Killers
  • Rock n Roll All Night - Kiss
  • Sweet Home Alabama - Lynyrd Skynyrd
  • Cheap Thrills - Sia
  • And many more... FULL PARTY SONGLIST


Instruments: B2R will provide all of the instruments for your event. All of our Jam Rooms contain a drum set, guitars, bass, keyboard and a full PA system.

ProTools: B2R uses ProTools, an industry-standard audio recording/producing software package, to record your employees’ bands.


Please contact our front desk staff for pricing by calling 877-227-8558.


B2R can recommend options for food and beverages or you can arrange for catering on your own. Please contact us for more specific information. Alcohol can be served on the premises but must be served by a licensed professional bartender or caterer.


To register or get more information contact your local B2R site: